I made this grandfather clock as a x-mas gift for my wife in 2003. By this time I
had built up a pretty well rounded wood shop to take on most task, I did buy a couple
machines to help speed things along . I decided to started it around  12/5/03. I used red oak
for the beauty and stability of the project. I bought all the wood, or so I thought "A couple
trips back to the mill." I purchased  the movement from a online clock company Empire
Clocks Inc. It has been almost 4 years now a never any problems with the movement, They
are aces in my book. I purchased most of the hardware before hand. I also ordered
"many"special router bits to do the profiles I envisioned $$$.  I had to route & glue multiple
boards together to achieve the thickness for many of  the profiles on the parts I was making.
I searched all the clock manufactures till I found a print design that looked close to what I
wanted to build. The print wasn't as useful as I thought, soon after beginning I added much
more originality to the designs of the parts. It was enjoyable project to make and will stand
the test of time for generation to come.
The Clock
Tree Donations
These are the frame rails with a multi profile routed
in to them , I used a tongue and grove to fit the
case for a super strong  joint.
This is the top portion of the door frame
This is the front frame of the case being assembled
The door frame
The case and the door in final assembly
Fitting the first part of the face plate and
I used my stencils and protractors to layout
the design for the head frame.
This was by far the hardest part to fabricate.
More time went into layout and making jig's
and fixtures to make this . This is where all
those route bits $$$ came into play.
The finished head piece Installed on the case.
The miters on each edge were crucial to making
a seamless transition. The door frame was also
installed at this point.
Many thing are going on here. I made &
installed a 3" thick base with multi profiled
routed it to it. I also am installing rope
moulding I bought from Lowes. I would have
preferred to have made my own design but I
don't have a lathe . I also made and installed
the movement face mount,but I'll get to that
later on.