The Great White
Christmas Wreath
I had stainless stock laying
around and decided to
surprise my wife with
something nice. All the
Christmas decorations in
the basement and under
the front porch were
destroyed by sandy so I
thought I would help her
collection along by building
her this. It cost me around
50 dollars since i had
almost everything but the
white pine branches. I
bought at 60% off. I bought
everything they had on the
shelf. See some packages
I rolled the steel by hand fro the outer
and inner rings. I then welded  the
segments of the outer and inner rings. I
made a jig and bent and welded all the
half rings to connect the center to the
outer ring. Then painted it white to mask
the wire support framework. I installed
the branches one by one when I ran out I
unthreaded 2 lengths of icicle lights and
installed them strategically around the
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