How to run a 460 VAC Single
phase welder on 220VAC Single
I am not responsible if you don't do this right and burn down your garage, house and any other damages that
may occur to you or your property. The installation should be performed by a competent electronics technician
and or a licensed electrician. Follow any city or state code for installation.
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      Ok then, I'll get to the good part..... I was searching the Internet for someone who has
converted a welder for 460vac  1 phase to 220 vac which is found in residential homes and
I found some forums that had guys replying with mathematical formulas that Einstein would
have a headache decrypting.I am a SR, Maintenance Mechanic with electrical and electronic
background. I figured, If it could be done would it cost a fortune.  I will explain my story and
let you know. I had a great opportunity to get a great Lincoln Square wave Tig 175 welder at a
even greater price. But was hesitant on taking it due to its size and if I could convert it. I went
on the Lincoln web site and downloaded the manual for my unit. I studied the electrical print
and noticed that the unit was made in 2 models the one I had 460/575/ 1 /60 the 1 = single
phase the 60 = Hz and the other model was a 208/230/ 1 / 60.

The only difference between the two was the input power requirements. I downloaded the
other machines electrical prints and sure enough everything was the same except the input
transformer. I call Lincoln to verify this and the tech I spoke to said a engineer would call me
back, well their response time is horrible it been almost 3 months. I derived that from the print
the units are identical and If I bought a new 220 vac input transformer from Lincoln and
installed it it would work like a charm. I was quoted $1000.00 if they still had one in one of
there warehouses. I went online and found a unit for $500 to $600 + shipping.

 I went a different route after that I thought that was too high. I started pricing step up
transformers. I fellow electrician recommended a 15 KVA was needed from the calculations. I
saw on a couple of the sites I searched 7.5 kva was more than adequate to run the unit for
hours. I do not weld for more than a couple hrs every now and then. If you intend on doing
more that. I would go with the 15 kva. I found a used transformer on ebay for $200. + $100 to
ship it. The small transformer weighs 100#. Once I got it I tested it  and tested it again and
again. it works great and didn't cost the price of a new welder.
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