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I started building the gym in 2003 with machinery that I modified to help me build the
power rack and it's add-on's. Here is a picture of a 1920 Buffalo Drill press that I modified
to be a precision mill with intricate cross tables and a R-8 Collet and draw bar system
once I modified the main shaft on the new lathe at work. Then started building the power
Once I built the rack I worked on making the pully system. It worked great, I made it
almost a 1:1 ratio. I also engineered and made a quick change attachment  with a pully
to do seated row's.
I modified my bench to lock in multiple positions, I engineered safety spot bars that
adjusted to different heights.
I started working with free weight bar bells so I made some holders to lock on to the rack
pins. The 1" Thompson shaft was replaced with 1 1/2 " braced support Thompson shaft
that would not deflect with over 300 Lbs on the bar. It added great resistance to the lift as
the bars were bending. I machined holders with Linear bearings and sinistered bronze bar
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