The Under drive
pulley set
I have been making these for quite a while. I ground a tool bit to the
exact shape for the groves in the original serpentine belt pulley. It took
a couple of pulleys to get the spacing and depth pattern, but when I
got it right, man did the chips fly. After I have tested them they will be
powder coated transparent blue.
I started this balancer pulley 2 years ago and messed up on the belt
groves. It sat under my bench for about a year until I got the
ambition to try again. I finally worked out the correct spacing and
depth for the groves and continued with the others.
I made this to complete my Paxton Supercharge Project I been working
on for the last year.
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I decided I wanted to use lock washers
now, but I needed to counterbore the
holes to clear the lock washer so I put
my precision mill to work. I am bolting
on a 2nd drive pulley later on for the
Paxton blower.
The bolt and lock washers can now
be installed, once tested and it
passes I will remove it from the truck
and machine it to bolt together with
the 7" blower pulley I made.
I made this PVC Insert to line up
both pulleys to drill the holes
that will be used to bolt the two
together. I wish I had stock that
was thick enough to machine a
billet double pulley .It would
have been much stronger and
less chance for being thrown
thru the hood if it loosened up.
This is what they will look like when they are bolted together minus the PVC
alignment spacer.