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I reupholstered it in a green vinyl and added very thin dense foam to support my back better, I also narrowed the
upper part of the bench by 2" on each side for less restrictive shoulder movement.I made a preacher bench and also
modified the leg curl attachment and made it move solid & smoothly with roller bearings.
       The 2 bars you see on each side of the bench are my best Invention I ever designed. They save my life many
times now. I had my wife spotting me but I was benching over 300lbs and when my strength gave out, she had a hard
time spotting me with so much weight. My squats were approaching 450lbs which forced me to either join a gym with a
assistant or make a safety device to assist me in not injuring myself in case I can't get the weight back up to the rack. I
added some additional pin in the lower main supports to lock in the hight I needed for a exercise. When I set it at the
benching hight It will stop the bar 1/2 away from my chest. There's just enough room to squeeze out. It spot's me on
Incline, decline, flat benching, Squatting and they even permit me to do additional exercises like press 1/4 and 1/2
thrusts. One day I was squatting with over 400lbs on the bar and a sharp pain in the shin of my left leg made me fall
to the floor on the way down, if I hadn't built those bars I would have been seriously injured. The weight bounced 3
times on the bars before it stop moving. I slithered out from under 300 + lbs many times now trying to move up to the
next 5lbs which otherwise would have crushed my chest. I quickly realized what I had build was the best invention yet. I
call them Safety Spotters and they earned that name.
I made a modification to the safety spotters legs. I made
them follow a 12" slot in the outer support.A 3/4 nut is
welded to the support,and a bolt has been added with
1/2 of the tip turned down to 5/8 and tapered point to
lock into the holes in the inner support rod. This makes
them much stronger and quicker to adjust position.
This is the most recent addition it is a quick mount lower pulley bar with a
heavy duty 3/4 supports welded to the middle and a roller pulley to let the
cable glide in. I used a  old prototype hook and welded it stationary to the
left side.
On the right side I welded a larger pipe to the hook to permit me to
slide that side to remove the bar when not in use. It is much quicker to
set up, stronger & safer that the way I was using before. I would attach
a pulley gizmo I made to the hook bar and lower it down to the floor,
then I loaded it with all the weight I had to keep it from moving. Then I
could do my pulling exercises.
This is most of the attachment Installed that I made for my machine. It
performs better that I could ever imagined and sets up very quick to the
next exercise. I drilled 2 1/2 holes in the floor about 7 feet away from
the lower pulley bar to anchor the bench. I use 5"long,  1/2 diameter,
grade 8 bolts with a round pull clip on the head to insert into the holes
when I am doing pulling exercises. I also made most of the bars on the
wall like the lat bar and the tricep bar on the cable and a 27Lb 5 foot
Olympic curl bar.  
Last but not least,The dumbbells no gym would be complete without a bunch of
dumbbells hanging around. I made every handle custom except for the 15 & 25
LB bells. I bought and assembled each set as I was ready to work into the heaver
weight. The weight  progresses form 20lbs up to 100lbs in 10lb increments.
Would you believe I actually use to do 3 sets of 12 with the 100lb Er's.
I used the weight buddy's (Very handy) on the 30lbs set to add 5lbs to anything I
was lifting. They are 2 1/2 pounds each and are magnetic so you can use them
on almost anything.  I also welded 2 weight racks so together they support all
those sets, and reinforced the lower supports and anchored it to the wall.
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