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I ran in to unexpected problems as I was passing the 250lb mark on the slider system. The bar bent slightly making
it bind at the slider blocks. The more the weight the harder to twist the bar to lock the hooks. I decided to use free
weights until I worked out these problems. I constructed a way to use free weights on the machine, These heavy
duty hooks were my ticket to success. I had some heavy plate laying around and cut the shape out on the band
saw. The hooks were able to be placed in any position on the support pegs. I made these special so the were just
the right hight when bench pressing. I also made a second set that was longer and 2" lower, I use these as a upper
hook and the smaller hooks as lower(Safety hooks) in case I ran out of steam on the way up lifting heavy weight.
I position the hooks like this when I do free weight
I came up with a solution to the bar bending problem. It wasn't
so much the weight bar was bending, the 1" cold roll slider bars
were also bending "alot", which was the major problem. I made
a very expensive upgraded to the slide bar to a 1.500 diameter
and 9 feet long solid bars of hardened Thompson shaft with
new roller bearings. Thanks to McMaster Carr. I also remade
the slide housing and mounting block,of course what I made
last time would not fit the new parts so I had to redesign that as
The new sliders work very well with heavy loads and
make turning the bar to engage the hooks very
easy. I decided it was time to build a pulley system
for the  free weights. You will see it if you look in the
center of the machine.
I added 2 more support bars to the top of the machine that I welded
in place for the pulley support housings. They are ball bearing
driven to make for smooth operation. I made custom length cable
and use heavy duty snap hooks to quickly latch bar's and change
the weight. I have pulled 300lbs and the system performed
I took the original bench and remover the outer frame that held the bar
and slimed down the lower supports. I designed this multi positional stop
out of heavy wall square tubing and used 5/8 rods as stops and welded
that frame and mounted it to the bench. I also later modify  the lower seat
to adjust  to 3 different angles for better support on incline and upper
angle positions.
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A nice clean set up that take up a small space compared to the area the
other bench had to occupy . It will do many more setups than the original
bench and change over very quickly. When you are done move the bench
in the corner and you have all the space you need
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