The Entertainment Stand
I wanted to buy a entertainment stand for the bedroom, but could not see spending the
money the stores wanted for one that was capable of hold the wight of a 32".  I drew up
a plan and did what I alway do in those situations, I made a custom one myself, I had
some of the stuff laying around so I built it for under $50.00.
I measures the angles of the wall and made it to fight tight into the corner. The top and
bottom are 2.250 thick and the center is 1.500 thick. I used a 1.500 X 4.000 Maple for
the rear support. The front tubes are heavy duty aluminum tubing leftover from a  old
miter saw stand I cleaned the up and clear coated them.
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I am gluing 3 pieces of 3/4 MFD to make the top and
bottom support shelves
One of the legs was damaged so I didn't use it,
,Then again I ended up only using 2 in the front
I cut out everything after the shelves were dry
I used aluminum split collars to support the middle shelf
in the front after Leveling it. I inserted a 2" dowel inside
the length of the tube and glued it in for good to be
used to fasten the to and bottom to later on.I counter
bored to top and bottom shelves 3/4 deep with a 2.250
fostner bit to support the tubes and add strength to the
design .
After 2 coats of sealer & 5 coats of flat black paint I
started to see the finished stand.
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