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I taught myself to cut circles & Curves in glass
the hard way. I bought a professional glass
cutter /oil & Pliers and went to town. The top
arch in the door glass was very hard to cut. I
bought a lot of extra glass to practice on.
These are the raised panel doors I designed
for the entrance to the movement  
   8:00 PM on Christmas eve my bullet heater
died ,I had to borrow 3 heaters to keep the temp
@ 70 for the polyurethane to dry
Behind the door is the movement frame I designed . It is
the heart of the clock. I made it functional and accent
the door while doing so. I  made it take the shape of the
upper door but slightly larger to be fastened to the rear
of the front case. It has a grove around the inside that
holds the face of the movement. It also has a removable
top support for easy access for maintenance.
It's 2:00AM Christmas morning, It's finally dry to move
into the house.
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