The Weight
Lifting Machine
This is my most prized design.
In the beginning the space requirements the bench and the work out area wasted was  too
much. I wanted to buy a good quality smith machine but it was above 2,000.00 for the one I
wanted. Instead of buying one I decided to design a machine that would do what I wanted to
do with Safe precautions built in,Quick change overs,Multiple capability's & Minimum space
requirements in mind. I used a Smith machine to base my Idea on because of the space
requirements. I used 2 1/2" heavy wall Black pipe from home depot for most of machines
In the beginning, the workout area took up half the garage
The Milling machine is another project I built .I had to complete it before I
could start the weight machine.I made almost all the parts with it. It is very
accurate. In the picture I lined up the 1" round stock to drill and
counterbore it to the supports.
These are the first stages of the building. In the pictures I am leveling and positioning the
supports to be welded into place. The bar at the bottom must slide free up and down or the
machine will never perform as it was designed.
I drilled (12)  5/8 diameter holes thru the
main supports at 8" apart to be used as
safety locks for the hooks as your see later
on. I will press 5/8 studs into the holes and
weld the backside. I used the milling
machine to drill all 12 holes in line and
One regret was not fish mouthing the joint
between the main support and the top support
rod. I use 4 passes to get the gaps welded. I
built a pipe notcher right after this so the rest
of the joints were notched.
I use a Olympic bar 45lb bar for the project. I
made 3" extensions to each end of the bar
inside the plate swivel and tig welded them in
for good. The spacers let me move the
sliders out 3 more inches. From the inside
slides it measures 4'5"  and the overall hight
is 8'5"
Once all the welding was complete I assembled all
the parts I made to complete the slider/hook unit. I
designed it to accept  1" Thompson roller bearings on
the top and bottom of the slides and one in the block
holding the bar.I used 1" cold rolled  bars to guide the
slides from the bottom all the way to the top of the
machine. I made heavy duty safety hooks that latch
on to the pegs I installed in the main supports. The
hooks are also tig welded.
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Unlike most (Smith Machines) This dose
not have a counterbalanced system to
help you lift the weights.