The Custom Sway
The rear mounting plate  I drilled & tapped 3/8-16 and used
aircraft strength SS button head bolts. I welded it to the rear
axle tubes after leveling and clamping bar and brackets in
place. The original "Bolt-On" hardware didn't even come
close to fitting my truck, even if it did I wouldn't have used it
because it was big and bulky brackets.
I made the custom stainless steel end link
washers, spacer tubes,1/2-13 SS rod and SS nylon
lock nut with Energy suspensions bushings for the
rear sway bar to perform at it's best.
I just installed a custom sway bar, I welded mounts I made on the axle
tubes.I also made heavy duty link ends assemblies out of stainless with
energy suspension bushings. The 2 1/2" custom bent exhaust was out of
my hands and in a local muffler shop. I also layed out  and soldered all the
red led's inline. I have added amber led's to the side and clearance lights
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