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Now we have a clean fender to work with . The license plate
support  I removed also supported the rear fender. So I
designed the new parts to do the same.
I made these supports out of soild round of 316 Stainless steel. The centers
are bored out to the diameter of the shaft on the bike and include a keyway to
prevent movement. The fender support is tig welded to the correct location on
the part. I move the slot down .500 to lower the fender a little more for a low
rider look.  I shaped them in the image of a spikes I made for a 86' softtail. The
round things are the fender spacers to take up the gap left from removing the
old supports and brackets. I redesign These pieces again to be quick
connect/fenderspacers for the sissy bar later on. See page 5 . I also drilled a
.125 hole at the tip 3" deep and another from the outside at a 30 degree angle
to intersect the center hole to provide a passage for a fiber optic cable as yet
another feature to the busy part.
The support are installed and the optical cables are also installed and working.
The 1/2 I dropped the fender really gave it a better visual appeal. I still had 7/8
clearance after the swing arm hit the hardstops. These support do the job of
everything I removed and look way better doing it ,and they are super strong
compared to the stock ones.  
I had to modify the chrome covers to
work with the new supports.
A nice transition from the way it use to look.I draw your attention on the top of the
shock mounting bolt. I made custom 316 Stainless steel stud and nut assembly.
The 1/2 snub and the threads are for the top quick mount anchor for the saddle
Now that no outer brackets or supports exist, it was time to design a  
new quick mount system for the new back rest. I cut it into 6 parts so
I could use the pieces to assemble onto a new support bar. I
assembled the rest and fit it to the new location for final assembly.
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