The Harley Page 3
Before the restructuring of the rear
When you removed the saddle bags you see all the brackets
and mounting hardware support bars. I have indicated them by
the black arrows
After the installation of my multi support.
They  cleaned up the back fender very nicely.
After the Modifications
Look no more clutter, I can still mount the bags and hook on the
sissy bar anytime I want, with the modified quick connects. The
mounts are right in front of your eyes but, I bet you can't see
them. First let me explain what I did, and why I did it.
This was the first step in the transformation of the rear of the bike. I
removed all supports,brackets, covers. I had come up with ideas on parts
that did the job the older parts did, but were stronger and looked way
better doing it.
The first support I made did multiple jobs and was well
hidden. The support relocated the license plate, supported
the saddlebags and supported the rear of the exhaust. I
made it from 3/16 thick stainless steel and milled and drilled
it to the final shape you "don't see here", It's behind the
fender. As for any part I made, It is buffed to a mirror shine.
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I removed  all the stock
brackets  and took
measurements for the
new stuff I'm gonna
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