I installed a flaming windshield with a quick mount system that I made less
cluttered & I installed a factory sissy bar to keep my wife on the bike, It also
has a quick mount system. The trim ring on the headlight and the skull
highway pegs are also new additions
I made these grips from 316 stainless Steel and gave
them a spun sanded finish
I took a waterproof digital watch and made a
mount then milled out the tank cover to install
it wired 2 blue led's under it to illuminate it
when it get's dark out and made a stainless
bezel cover and buffed and mounted it in the
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This is the new grips I made .They are billet
aluminum polished to a mirror shine. I made a
special cutting tool to make the profile you see here.
They are very comfortable.
This is the flame cover for the top of the headlight cover , I call
it a flaunt. I started with a 2 X 3"  piece of billet 6061 aluminum.
I layed out the design, drilled the holes and band sawed off
most of the unwanted material to rough out the flame shape. I
used many hand tools to rough out the final shape,The tool I
used the most was a shaft driven industrial Fordom grinder
with various carbide burrs and 3m pads to shape the contours
and smooth the finish of the flames.I matched the arc in the
headlight cover to match the flaunt seamlessly.I also had to
get the correct angle to match the handlebar cover. The front
begins as a sharp point and smoothly waves in and out .The
project took many days to shape, and hours of polishing to a
mirror finish. It was worth it in the end.
The Flaunt installed .Its hard to take a good picture
of it because its so shiny.
I also made the cover for the fork lock . The handle
bar cover is from a older model Road king.
This is what it looked like before the modifications
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