The Curio Cabinet
The first Christmas in the new house I put use to the new garage and my
new found talents in wood working. I bought my wife a curio cabinet a
couple of years ago and spent over $400.00 on it but it was made of cheap
particle board/press board with a wood grain veneer .I could not see
spending that much on something that was gonna fall apart again. I
decided to build a elegant and unique curio from scratch. I measured the
30 degree angle off the old cabinet and took it from there. I made mine
taller, deeper and wider. The curio is made of hand picked red oak from top
to bottom and is made to last a many life times. I also made the shelves
from 1/4" mirror that came from my aunt's antique buffet that broke while in
storage. I made intricate miters on small strips of oak that I installed on the
edges of the shelves to hide the green tint and rough edges from the
cutting. I think they made glass harder back then, It took a couple of
seasoned glass cutters to cut it right without it cracking in the wrong place.
It was stubborn and would not break clean at the score,luckily I had a big