The Boiler
This is the Utica boiler I installed by myself in the summer of 05'. I bought a Utica because they are made here in
the US, in fact they are made in New York. I will always try to support local businesses and it was fairly priced for
the BUT output. The old boiler was a American Standard, I'm guessing about 60 years old. It was nowhere close
to energy efficient. The gas bill for the winter was so high I had to take a 2nd to pay it ,Just kidding ,but it was up
there. I replace every pipe in the house, 80% of them had leaks, including all of the cast iron sewer lines and
drain pipes and replaced it with PVC. I installed automatic air bleeders at all the corners in the baseboard
system. I added flow check valves to stop the water movement from heat expansion.
                                                     I lugged the old boiler up from the basement and onto the back of the truck,
moved the new one down the twisting tight-spaced steps into the basement with my wifes help. I was power lifting
at the time and in very good shape, but she still helped more than she will ever know.
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The old boiler had to weigh 400 lbs or more.