My Test Bench
I took at stand up battery charger/starter and cut the case in half. I welded
the case back together in the new compact size 12 X 12 X 8 high. I added a
high speed fan and thermostat that kicks on @ 110 degrees.I installed a 2nd
transformer to step up the 110AC to 220AC. A selector switch was installed
to change between AC or DC. I ran both through a  modified the output
circuit to accommodate a isolated rheostat and a bridge rectifier and a
selector switch that adjusts to any ac voltage between 0 - 110 AC, 110-220
AC & 0-16.5 DC. I installed a magnetic overload device as well as a dual
element fuse. I also installed a set of test jack outputs to apply power where
its needed. I modified the jumper cable setup to a quick connect setup so I
didn't have to drag around cables everywhere I brought the unit. I finally did
the cosmetic work and painted the case. In the future I would like to install a
digital read out for the new bench tester.
The jumper cable connector like you would see
on a tow truck or a fork truck
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