“My Protein Skimmer sounds very loud” (like the pump is shot).

Don’t throw in the towel just yet; it may be that the air venturi or the tube or even the metering valve /
canister is packed with salt build up and need to be cleaned out.
I almost went out and bought a new needle wheel pump to adapt to my 300-gallon coralife cone
skimmer. As it turned out after disassembling the pump it was in good shape. That did not jive with the
pump that was super noisy .  I researched for days and worried the skimmer would fail anytime but I
knew I could retro fitting a new Skimz or Diablo dc skimmer pump to my 4 month old skimmer with
some major modifications. The only thing that made me think hard was the micro bubbles were always
constant and strong. That’ when I decided to take the venturi off and the tube and the canister and
metering valves. It just so happened to be the last place I looked the canister’s metering ports were
clogged solid with salt residue that must of backed up all the way up the tube at some time or time’s. I
am going to cure this by removing the canister and extending the tube and canister up higher than the
top of the collection cup.

There are tons of bubbles / or more that usual from the output
of the skimmer

The same fix as above, the metering circuit / venturi may be blocked

My skimmer is overflowing from the collection cup all over the

At the start of a new skimmer this will happen and it is normal. It will also do this if you do a water change or
the water level is not consistent. The newer skimmers have dc pumps which have a "soft start" takes a
couple seconds to ramp up to speed set point. This helps with these problems
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       My skimmer goes nuts
when I install coral frags or do trimming & cleaning  maintenance in the
display tank

The water level in your skimmer area need to be at a stable level at all times
Turn Off you skimmer, when you insert you hand/arms into the tank you are displacing the
water volume and it is causing you overflow to the sump to increase its flow rate thus
sump level and flow is fluctuating = out of control skimmer.
My skimmer output is Thick and smells or is watery and semi clear

The addition of a carbon source will yield a very thick smelly waste in the collection cup, due to
the increase in bacteria levels in the tank. It will fill fast and be clearer if your skimming "Wet"
"wet"  is a higher level of water in the skimmer that lets more foam spill over into the cup

"Dry" is a lower level of water in the skimmer that lets the foam do more work to get into the cup. The
foam dries out more being pushed up the neck of the skimmer in to the cup.