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I set up a 30 Gallon (Long) Quarantine/Hospital tank this week. After spending a fortune on salt over
the last 3 weeks because I can't get consistent performance from my coral life 300G Cone Protine
Skimmer. I went thru more than 300 gallons in water changes to get nitrates and phosphates back to
low levels. My yellow tang (Flo) has red blotches and lines slowly stopped eating the way she normally
eats which I read was due to bacteria infection from poor water conditions. I am in progress of treating
her with broad spectrum antibiotic, The red has almost all faded after 24, I am hoping her appetite
improves also. I used a outer bacteria medication from API Furan-2, It worked very quickly but I kept
her in the tank for 2 weeks just to be sure. She began to turn red and faded two or three days later
when I placed her back into the main display. I immediately focused on the skimmer and the
bio-reactor. It turn out the skimmer not only raised the nitrates and phosphates to high levels from
inconsistent operation it was supposed to aid in the removal of bacteria from the output of the
bio-reactor as well which apparently was not doing. The bacteria levels were out of control in the
system. I took the reactor off line and did a large water change. I stabilized the water level with a
automatic top off system I made, which helped but,the skimmer was still not doing it's job all the time.I
needed to get a really good skimmer to fix this problem. So the moral of the story is,Pay big bucks get
a good skimmer the first time... (PLUS ONE) for all you Mr.Saltwater tank fans; right from the start and
avoid wasting money and all the headaches associated with not having a consistent    So the problem
was HLLE/ Color fading/whiteish look, Poor appetite & Shyness.   The Solution was the Skimmer was
not functioning consistently to remove waste and excess bacteria from the output of the reactor.  I am
pleased to report Flo made a very quick recovery after the removal of the bio-reactor. To tell you ,she's
the brightest yellow I have ever seen her, now that I replaced the skimmer.
My cure for HLLE/Red blotches/Outter
Bacteria Infection on my marine fish
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I made this Auto top off switch to work with the apex the bottom switch turn the pump on and off and the
top is a secondary back up to the mechanical float shut off valve in the sump. I use a Ehime 400GPH I
had laying around to pump it from my RO-DI holding tank. I also programmed the outlet to shut off the
pump if Condx (salinity) is lower that 32.0 (It's normally 32.6) and or run time is over 10 minuets.
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