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I got tired of constantly adjusting the  coralife 300 skimmer. I bought a Reef Octopus SRO-5000 EXT recirculating
skimmer off of ebay It was a nightmare first the guy posted I won it @$ 341.00 and $38.00 then he said shipping
was screwed up by ebay and it was actually 127.00 to ship so I sent $70 more. It arrived 3 days later with a broken
supply line that was glued to the main body. I tested the pump and it was shot also and the collection cups acrylic
was splintered. I made a offer of sending back or refund half the money for the repair of the damages and the new
pump(I was planning on upgrading it to the new Reef Octopus RO-DC pump anyway) so no big deal on that. So he
agreed and I got it for $170.00. It's rated for a 550 gallon system. That's like a + 3 for all you Mr.Saltwater reef
junkies out there.
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As of 7-24-14 The SRO-5000 EXT has been kicking some bootie!. I repaired all the damage
and it's been up and running for 1 month. With "NO" constant adjustments it uses half
the power requirements as the coralife 300G unit but has a system capacity of 550
Gallons. I spent a total of $55.00 to repair the skimmer and bought it off ebay for $170.00
so @ $225.00 total  The skimmer usually sells for  $600.00+ I saved myself some serious
I cut away at the cemented part of the broken acrylic pipe with a
industrial dremel, I then removed the pipe and carefully cut threads
with a tap to repair that part of the system.
The pump arrived today along with a new
skimmer cup.
All repairs to the piping are completed and tested for
It was running 1 % bleach for 4 hours, Flush
and then vinigar and water for 12 hours to
deep clean. and test for leaks.
Running on the system for 1month
now, It also doesn't overflow when
the power is shut off then turned back
on either.