I added 40 lbs of live sand and 20 lbs of
crushed coral to make a 5" bed for the
macro/micro algae in the refugium. I will
run this for a couple weeks to get the
cycle going.

I am adding on to the refugium with a 30
gallon sump I just bought for $50 it was
brand new, I couldn't pass it up. This will
give me room to add a large skimmer and
reactor section not to mention a extra 30
gallons to the system.
The sump/refugium in action. All piped into the 75
gallon tank and soon the 39 gallon tank maybe
around February once the nitrogen cycle
completes and the tank is running for a month or
more. You can see the new sump. I will be piping it
up soon.
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This is the 220 gallon reef tank the next and final tank I will set up in the
living room. I am disassembling the 40 gallon  to add all of the
occupants into the 75 gallon , once the algae secessions are over. When
I save up for 1 more Radion and 1 more MP-40 then I will transfer all the
occupants into the 220 and sell the 75 gallon tank.
The 75 Gallon tank
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