This is the start of my RO/DI system
The mounting bracket I fabricated for the 4
20" Filters
The 40 gallon sump/refugium that will
eventually have all the tanks piped into
it. I am locating it in the basement
where it will have a lot of room and stay
I poured this form to have a level
surface for the sump
Cleaning the sump 50/50 vinegar and
water running for a couple of hrs
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A 55 gallon fiber drum  for saltwater
mixing. It has a auto float switch, A mag
12 pump for recirculation and  pumping
finished saltwater to sump.
A 55 gallon drum for RO/DI salt water mixing (left
side). A 55 Gallon drum for RO/DI top off water. 3 pre
filters, 2 75 GPD RO membranes, Auto shutoff,
membrane flush valve, 3 point TDS metering, Heater
controller and soon to be installed a booster pump
to obtain Maximum output.  
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