Powder Coating
Gallery #2
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This month I decided to keep the motor cycle.
I tried out  the new sandblaster cabinet  and
brought the sissy bar down to bare metal. I
then saw what Eastwood's single stage
reflective chrome looked like.I was impressed
,but I had another plan in mind I wanted to see
if I could cover the chrome in transparent blue
to match the other pieces I powder coated
earlier this week.  If I would have put the 95%
Clear on instead of the Blue It would have
looked like it just came out of the vat at the
I made a new wood seat pad and finally use the
leather I bought last year to cover the seat. I
drilled out the skull logo to use chrome screws
to attach it to the new backing pad,The double
sided factory tape wasn't doing the trick
anymore.I can't get over how good the finish
looks as compared to the flat black . In the
making of the sissy bar I called various
chromers to get a price and they wanted a arm
and leg to do this small piece. A special thanks
goes out to  Eastwood for bring excellent quality
powders to the market .
I has a real cow hide on there now.
The "Flaunt" as I call it was hardly
noticeable unless you were staring
right at it . I cleaned & Prepped it for
transformation. It now has a candy
chrome blue shine that you can see a
1/4 mile away.
I also set apart all the chrome on the
engine with powder coating the rear
part of the air filter housing. This was
the most significant change that set
the bike apart from the stock customs
so far.
I also coated the SS button head bolts
I made custom for the front aux light
mounts to detail the color balance.