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The ATI Procharger installed
My old Snap-On tool box returns
(revitalization project)
Upgraded Instrumentation and extra heaters on the Industrial Powder Coating Oven  
Aluminum serpentine under drive pulleys for the truck 100% complete
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Powder Coating Gallery Page 3
The paint on the hood is finished
The polished the blower
New pictures of motor make-over and modifications
The Intake manifold pan modification
My 1978 Fire Bird Formula
Body Work Gallery
My 1982 Trans Am Formula
The Micro Motor
The Homemade boost cooler
The Ram Air Intercooler
My New Snap-On Tool Box
Most recent pictures of the shop 8/2009
The newly fabricated mobil cutting station
My 2000 Monte Carlo SS
My Certifications and Achievements
Nitrous Oxide Project
Modified Jacobs Chuck
Grinders Vise
My best bowling scores
New Motor and trans for Dodge Truck
The making of the supercharger
drive pulleys
Test Bench/Charging Station
200 amp project from 90's
gets a face lift
New Bike Pic's for 8/2010
My Version of Mozart's Cannon in D
The Dualist 1-1
Thru-way project
Fire Brigade Training
New Song : 21 @ Heart
Rebuilding of the GM 4T65E Automatic Transmission
Powerlifting Videos 1750 LBS total weight on 12/23/11
500 Lbs Squat on smith machine (no counterweight)
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How to modify your coralife cone skimmer
How to convert a welder from 460 vac to 220 vac
What's this animal?
Troubleshooting tips for your Protein skimmer
Reef Tank Page 7.5
The Great White Wreath
The Biopellet Reactor
See Me Squat 545 @ 5 on YouTube
with my new song as background