I learned to tattoo from a 7 dvd set Tony Stevens made. I
practiced for a while and got the hang of it. It's like
drawling or air brushing but more advanced with a lot
more to remember. I did the middle dragon tattoo on
myself after I felt sure of my new found abilities.I drew it on
my right leg. After I outlined it I didn't want to color it all
black ,So I went my own way and shaded it in. I think It
came out alright for my first.  
I finished the outline on my right leg
I had many cramps and charlie-horses trying to do a
straight leg split for 4 hours lining & shading,
I colored this tattoo myself on my left arm.
Tattoo's I did for my wife
I made these Tattoo gun holders from
stainless steel.
I made this tattoo gun from scratch it works
awesome, I leave it set-up as a shading gun.  
This is my second tattoo  of a heart with a tribal vine
I did this little devil tattoo as my 3rd on Dawn's right shoulder, She decided to add my
daughters name to it later.
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