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I came up with the idea in 1994 and finally got the nerve up to submitted
this to 2 invention submission corporation's and some major tool makers
like Snap -On & Lisle back in 1996. They turned it down, due to cost of
production. A year and a half later Craftsman came out with the very tool
you see here. Is that a quinky-dink or what? They turn it down, and sell
the idea to some one else.
About 100 more
ideas to add as
time permits
I had a use for a tool like this one, I imagined this tool and drafted it in 1994. I
made this tool to be positioned in any shape and turning the handle to lock the
shaft in place would be very useful to reach into areas you normally could not
have. It has a series of flexible shafts running thru the inside that pull tight when
locked in place. The ball and cup design allows the tool to be positioned at a
maximum of 30 degrees in any direction for each cell . It would have many uses for
me and applications in the industries. I submitted this and it was also rejected due
complication of design & production cost.
I designed this in 1993 for use on my car. It is designed to do
multiple jobs at one time. It reads the output fuel pressure. It
regulates the fuel pressure output. The unit filters the fuel,
provides a visual identification that the fuel is present and moving
as well as the condition of the filter element. Last but not least, It
provides a beautiful junction manifold for a Holley double pumper
carburetor. I learned to be a machinist and made this into reality
in 1996. It work's just as I designed it . I still have it to remind me
of my accomplishments.
This is the working prototype of the above. The Hi-tech pressure
junction for the Holly 750 DP.