I have played the guitar since I was 13 years young, I played in many heavy metal bands, we played original songs in some well
known clubs. Me friends would often describe my playing style similar to Yngwie J. Malmsteen. I practiced hard for 2 - 4 hours a
day. I loved writing songs, I wrote The lyrics and guitar tracks for the intro, rhythm & lead, chorus, solo for the  all songs. I played
some cover songs, but mostly all my own stuff. I loved converting classical songs to metal edge sounding stuff. I was into almost
any type of music. The neighbor hated me, I had the music too loud (She Claimed) .  Well that ended when I was 23, I broke my
middle finger and damaged tendon & nerves in my playing hand. It never healed correctly, and stop playing guitar and writing till
about 12/08 I tried playing again. I think my dogs were the only one who liked it. (nails on a chalk board) I was horrible. I would
never move my fingers at the speed and accuracy that once was. But none the less after a few years of hard practice, I continue to
make some halfway acceptable sound out of some of the equipment you see here.
I bought this awesome amp in 7/09. This amp dose it all with attitude.
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Soon I will add some of the new songs I am working on.
My version of  "Part" of Mozart's Pachabel Cannon in D
I will continue to work on the song and add tracks as time permits
The Dualist 1-1
21 @ Heart
Newest addition to the family 2/23/12
The strong shall survive