Metal Projects
I made this unit to clean fuel injectors
by direct feed of special high
concentrated cleaner, As the dealers
do .
I made these glasses out of 6061
aluminum, most of work was done by
filing the body lines by hand. The
lenses were from wildside inc.
I made this prototype back in 96' for a holly 750 double
pumper carburetor. It filters/regulates/visualy indicates flow
and pressure and is a very clean junction for the 2 fuel lines.
"I still have not seen one on the market as of yet."
I enjoy playing chess, I made a king piece from
billet brass for a paper weight.
I bought a set of rosewood chessmen and made the
custom brass weights turned & polished and sealed
making them move attractive and pleasing to use in
a strategic battle. I have also started to build a
custom chess board to be reveled when finished.
This guy is the best model I could find
at the time, He's been around a long
time. I made him into a 3rd brake light
in my 78' Formula.I modified the eyes
to hold light sockets and cut red tail
lenses to fit in there nice and neat.
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I made these billet aluminum Drag bars for a Harley I
had in 95'. I was making custom lever assemblies but
never finished them. I also made the matching grips.
I polished them to a  mirror shine. I still have not seen
anything like these on the market yet.
I made these Mirrors for the drag bars to complete the custom
made  front end I was building back in 95'.I made the left mirror
face hollow for the electronics to be installed. I designed it to
have a led indicator that would light up around the outer edge
of the mirror,each color group of led's would indicate The  rpm
of the motor at the time .The circuit board in the mirror would
have a micro receiver that would pick up the  signal from the  
transmitter unit that monitored the coil pulses to determine the
true rpm's. When I made these mirrors this technology was
not available to complete the electronics. The circuits and
transmitters and receivers have now become small enough to
finish the project.
I modified The 10" saw to a 12" Blade and made a custom
aluminum guard and made the original mounting hardware work
with it.
This is a recent Picture of My Homemade Milling Machine which has slowly evolved for a HD drill press. I added
the super accurate cross feed tables and upgraded the small handles it had. I mounted a Kurt large capacity
vise I picked up a englishtown auction last summer and made stepped rear jaws for it. I have designed a
entirely new spindle that accepts b&S collets from 1/16 to 3/4 diameter. I modified a 6" digital veneer to mount
to the side for a precise depth readout. I had the motor stator and actuator rewired and new bearings and
brushes, it's old but they don't make em' like they use to .  I also made longer  multi position spindle arm and
added a spindle depth lock for milling operations. I have made many parts and projects on this it's is very
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