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Both of these are water cooling units I made for my computers CPU. I was
heavy into gaming and overclocking about 6 years ago.I made a 2 gallon
water cooling system to cool my CPU from the intense heat developed from
overclocking and the heavy loads put on it by gaming. The first one is made
of pure copper that did the job ok, but held alot of the heat. The 2nd one is a
mixture, I made a copper plate to transfer the heat and made the body out of
aluminum to dissipate the heat into the water quickly. It worked very well I
teamed this up with a super cool 2 X 2 peltier element and it kept the CPU @
20 degrees no mater how fast I overclocked it.
I made wide heavy wall aluminum front wheels for my floor jack for more stability. While I
was at it, I bent the frame back into shape with a 20 ton hydraulic press.I made a new
front shaft right under the cup, the old one had a busted ring grove on the end. I replaced
all the seals in the pump and made sure there was no leaks. Finally I painted it.  
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