How to modify your coralife cone skimmer to
be more reliable and perform better.
You will need to buy some parts. 1) A 1 inch Slip/Slip Spears PVC
Gate valve. Bulk Reef Supply has them around $30.00.

2) a SCH 80  PVC 90 degree Elbow Slip/Slip. B.R.Supply has these
too around $5.00

3) A small length of 1 inch SCH 40 PVC pipe. Lowes or Home Depo
sell this for about $3.00
Ok, now you have everything. You need to find a machine shop
unless you have a way to bore out the pvc elbow.

When you call around and find someone to do it, tell him you need a
pvc elbow boared out on one end to press fit a part for your project.
Bring your PVC Elbow and the Skimmer with you. Remove the valve
/bleeder assembly and tell him you want the new elbow to press fit on
the output tube where the original valve was.

After that is complete you need to soak it in water / vinegar 50/50
mix. Cut a piece of the PVC pipe  2" long and glue it to the valve and
to the elbow, Like so   
The original flex tube with the filter will fit in the valve to complete
the upgrade, or you can buy a 2nd elbow and make a hard pipe
for the exit piping then put the filter on that if you like.
This is the outside of the elbow, It has plenty wall left after
the machine work is done
I used the original air bleed chamber and tied it to the side, I will
mount it somewhere more accessible later on.
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