Chevy Monte Carlo SS
6th Generation
2000-2005 Monte Carlo
Hello and welcome to the Monte Carlo SS page in my site. It is the most fun to drive car I have
had to date.  I have done many repairs on my Monty SS,  I have some tips and tricks with
pictures and advice on doing the repair or modification.        More to be added as time permits
This is a semi step by step of a total tear-down &
rebuild/modification of a 4t65E transverse
transmission in my SS. **Read the sub titles they
provide valuable tips**

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                                         Heater Core R & R

I recently replaced the heater core in my SS. I bought that new core which was
very inexpensive, I think it was 40 or 50 dollars. I researched all sources I had at
my disposal. I read the factory manuals I bought, I went on you-tube and so on
looking for ways to make it easier and be informed on what to actually take off to
do the job.  Well here it is, I found out the hard way from following some guy on
you-tube that had his dash ripped down to the firewall. (((((((This was not the
right way to do the job))))))))))      All you need to do to remove the core on the
6th gen monty is.

1st: remove the center console. There are 2 screws under the mat inside the
armrest storage compartment. There are 2 screws under the heated seat switch
cover(It just snaps in place), and one screw under the mat below the heater
controls in that storage compartment. You will now see all wire connectors and
other screws holding the 2 piece console to be removed.(((((You do not have to
take off the shifter handle to remove the consoles)))).

2nd: Remove the bracket on the lower right side on the heater box (Picture 1)
3rd: Remove the 4 or 6 small "metric" gold hold down bolts that hold the lower
plastic heater box cover.
4th The 2nd lower plastic cover need the remaining small "metric" gold hold
down bolts removed and access the heater core.
5th: ****The difficult part,**** remove the heater hoses in the engine compartment
attached to the core(((((back of engine under AC lines in the firewall))))I have the
cable tool for this but it is still a tight squeeze. Put a drain pan under the lines
you are taking off. I recommend using two hose crimps to block the heater line
from loosing coolant from the engine side((Save some $$$)). I had a rag over the
heater core lines and blew out remaining coolant so when I removed it inside the
car, there would be no mess.
6th: go back inside and remove the 2 screws holding the core in place. One is in
sight and the other is on the driver side by the gas pedal it holds the bracket that
holds the core lines stable. Once you do that the core will come out easily, line
up the position of the core lines with the new unit , install the plastic bracket on
the new core and install. The steps in reverse procedure will finish the job.
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2000 Chevy Monte Carlo SS
This is Picture 1  (bracket to remove)
I found 2 hidden circuit breakers while doing the heater core job.
You can access them thru the removal the glove box and you will
see one 30A CB the other one you need to get your mirror to see, or
stuff your head in there if it's small. They are on the back side of the
passengers side fuse block, you can remove that also to get access
to them. I recommend disconnecting the battery to do this.
Now with the center console removed you have all the
access you need to take down the 2 covers to remove
the core.