The Homemade methanol injected
boost cooler
I ran across the boost cooler from banks and liked the results they gave to boosted applications. The
systems they sold were way too much, and I knew I had most of the parts to make a working system lying
around the shop. I built and installed it in under a day except for the injector. I had no idea what size the
orifice was or what the pressure was to make it work. I went to the Wayne's the local speed shop to see if
he had some ideas or parts to help me out. He knew the dry NOS injector with a removable jets would
work but didn't have one there to look at and it was $$$$. I saw a picture of it and told him I can make
that.I rushed home to start on it. The whole set up is now finished and works great, I tapped into a rpm
switch on the timing computer and set it to kick in @ 3500.
I used a 5 gal can and glued a vent on it,I
mounted it in the front right side of the bed in
the corner. I read comments about the guys
running out and the 3 gal can that came with the
banks set up was to small.
I added a invention I made back in the early
90's,Its a filter,regulator,junction manifold. I
never used it till now and it worked great. The
pump will put out 120psi easy.
This is a swivel connector with a regulator .I took
measurements to incorporate the design for my project.
I started turning the injector nozzle and the step for
the 1/8 pipe threads.
I cut the threads and turned it around and turned the oring groves and
the clip ring lock grove.
This is the finished parts before assembly. I slotted the nozzle
to match my injection angle. I performed off the car tests to get
the right spray pattern/pressure. I drilled out the first 1/2
increasing one wire size till the correct droplet dispersion was
I drilled a main hole using a 22 gage wire drill thru the body
by hand after spotting the center.
I increases the thickness of the air hat by tig welding another 1/4
to the area I was going to tap a 1/8 NPT. I have finished the
install and made it look some what store bought.
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