Gallery of body work
completed for customers
This is a old Porsche 914.The owner brought it to
me falling apart and in bad shape.I fabricated &
weld in new metal all over the car. I basically
reconstruct the entire car. I finished the body work
first then moved to the interior. I had to hunt down
original seats and other items that were damaged
thru the years. If that wasn't enough, I had to do
engine repair to get it to start and run. In the
background you can see my neighbors classic ford
T-Bird in pristine shape,he restored it himself,and
did a awesome job,I might add. You can also see
my 82 TA in the driveway.
I didn't believe in taking alot of pictures back then but here is the finished car after I painted and the
detailing was completed. It was raining that day at my friends auto repair shop but it was that only
chance to get finished pictures before the customer took the car. I think it  took a total of 5 months to
complete in my garage, and the paint was corvette yellow.  I bet he sold it for a truck load of money, It
was a very sharp car after all the work was complete.
Getting DMV inspection done
Passed and ready to roll
Getting new tires
I installed the vette rear section, ground
effects, wing & hood and painted it. I even
installed the Ricardo racing seats.
Old School flames
These targa hatches were a big thing
with the fire bird owners.
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 My 1982 Firebird Formula.
      getting a make over.
1978 Firebird  Formula  all the body work completed and
primed,  ready for paint... I installed 5 piece OEM spoiler
and ground effects.