The stage 2 A518 Transmission
reprogrammed &  modified
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I performed all the modifications myself. I had some
fear from the extent of the procedures, but that never
stopped me before. I purchased a Trans Go stage 2
reprogramming kit .The instructions warn for only a
certified transmission technician to install the kit. I was
confident my mechanical aptitude would lead me to
success. I used the factory service manual in
conjunction with the instructions to complete the
overhaul and modification procedures. In the picture
here I have the valve body removed . I have
completed the front and rear servo upgrades and
adjusted the front and rear bands.  
This is the finished valve body . I installed the new shaft's that came with the kit. I installed check
balls in the correct locations, Drilled the separator plated to new sizes, ground the proper
clearances to instructions specifications. I performed heavy modifications to the kick down assembly
and shift body.I installed 3 high performance governor springs from the kit. A resistor was also
soldered in line to the governor pressure sensor. I also adjusted the line pressure up 5psi from
stock setting.  
Here is the front servo piston. I am
compressing the new high
performance spring package to install
the ring clip. One was installed on the
rear piston as well in the same manner.
I installed them back into the
transmission with the linkage, then
adjusted the front & rear bands to the
correct tension.
The instructions called for removal of all the bolts in the overdrive housing,then required me to push
the housing back 3".It was the only way to install the new spring package on rear servo piston. The
rocker shaft could be moved back unless you moved the OD housing. In the factory manual it warns
to keep the housing level with the trans at all times to avoid the OD shaft from falling out of the drive
gear set. If that happened you have to pull the trans out and realign the gear set with the shaft. I also
thought about ripping the gasket for the housing trying to move the housing back. The last thing to
cross my mind is removing the drive shaft to perform this operation, It would be too much weight to try
to keep the housing steady and line up the bolt holes and keep the drive shaft up in the air.
I decided to find a different approach to the situation. I saw a easier way to do the job that required a
small bracket to be fabricated and the retaining tab on the over drive housing to be ground off. Once
that was accomplished the shaft for the rear servo could be moved out of the way to remove the
linkage and perform the modification to the rear piston.  
The retaining bracket I fabricated to
complete the rear servo modification
the dimensions are 3/4 X 1.000 X 3/4
with a 3/8 hole for the retaining bolt.
This is the bracket installed and holding the shaft in place. It is only a back up
measure because a set screw holds the shaft from the front side. The screw
would have to fall out for the shaft to be able to move and with a second
support i doubt to would go anywhere. To make it simple,I bypassed all the
work to just grind a small amount to remove the tab holding the shaft and made
a new support  from a scrap piece of sheet metal and accomplish the same
results in a fraction of the time.
**( I would advise doing the grinding with the
pan still on the trans it makes a mess with lots of aluminum particles flying
around. Also This would be a good time to add a drain plug to the pan for
future fluid / filter changes.)**
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