My 1982 Trans Am Formula
I did a total overhaul starting with the factory
wiring, I ripped out every wire in the car and
ran new stuff, I use relay strips to power the
lights,cooling fans& any other electrical
accessories I added. At the time it was not
common to have relays controlling all the
electrical in production cars, now all of them
have relays. I also added my new invention to
the car. It was a blown fuse indicator fuse box.
I didn't see one in a production car till 2002
and I made mine in 1989, I guess I was a little
ahead of my time. I included a blue print of it
on the page. I also welded in frame
connectors and a 6pt roll cage,drive shaft
loop,coil overs,Hotckins control arms and
sway bars front and rear and hop stop bars.
To add to injury I did a complete body
make-over to bare metal.
A dressed Chevy 350
I finished building this SB 350
4Bolt, it was the last engine to
see this car. I added this 3
core radiator , and a tranny
cooler. I installed a B&m
quicksilver shifter with a hurst
t handle. I figured when all is
said and done, I removed
300lbs off the car, made it look
good sound good and move
out good.I also made it passed
inspection so it was street
This was my 1982 Pontiac Trans Am Formula it had a stock 305 crossfire injection system with a
ram air system,355 rear gears and a turbo 350 transmission. It had T-tops and 87' 16" rims with
245-60-16 Good Year Eagle GT. I did a lot of work as you will see, but didn't take alot of pictures as
I finished the car.
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I also freehanded this glass etching on
one of the t-tops, a mid-evil landscape
of a dragon in the night sky and a
burning castle in the background. The
picture dose not do the fine detail
justice. I regret not finishing it, and
taking a picture.