How to rebuild the GM 4T65-E
Automatic transmission
One fine day, I was pulling out of a turn a "Bam!" my forward band broke as a really big truck is heading my way quickly.
Luckily I down shifted to 1st manually and I was able to get out of the way. I quickly learned that it would only shift in manual
progression, but go no where in drive. I made it home a consulted my resources to which test would pinpoint my thorn. All
tests were conclusive, my forward band had broken .I visually confirmed this and started to remove the motor & trans. I
planned on a complete gasket & seals and visual on the motor while I had the opportunity. I disassembled the trans and
assessed the damage. The Forward band, 4th clutch hub, forward carrier assembly. I bought a Master rebuild kit for the
trans, a new 4th hub, HD bands, and a complete carrier 5 pc matching set from ebay.
I got this from one of the web sites after I rebuilt my trans.
Way to go who ever built this trans lifter/engine stand
mount, I wish I would have seen it sooner It would have
made life a little easier.
I disassembled the trans to get a list of all the bad parts
My old(Bad) one is on the right
Good Parts
Bad Parts
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I made this tool to compress the
clutches from scraps around the shop
The forward band broke, the planetary gears are missing big
chunks of teeth, the drums bushing is shot, the input splins are
chewed up. I bought all five parts as a matched set from ebay for
under $70.00
GM 3.8 l  V6  Waiting to get new gaskets, seals and a once over.