2000 Ram Sport
Hood Painting
As a result of multiple acid discharges from my company's exhaust
system on the roof.  The acid destroyed the paint on the hood to the
point of sanding it down to bare metal and starting over .The other
panels of the truck are damaged but not so severe.
My Company is responsible for discharging
acid into the air from giant air ventilation units
almost on a regular basis. The acid destroyed
the pain on my truck and etched the windows.
Tiny black spots are hard to see but the do
become bigger after time. The acid found it's
way right thru the clear coat to the base coat
in no time. I am stripping the hood and am
going to spray new paint on.
Not too bad for a spray can,Huh.
I ran out of paint on the first coat, I went back and they were out also. I will
strip it and repaint when it get's warmer out.  
Clean and ready for primer
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The finished Hood on 7/17/07
It was a perfect day with no wind and I decided to finish the job so I removed the hood, scuffed up
the old paint with 80grit on the Orbital, wet sanded and then washed the entire hood.I set up the
blower to dry the hood and got the infra red heaters warmed up. I grounded the hood mixed the
base, wiped the hood down with a tack cloth and shot the first of 3 thin coats. I cleaned the gun and
shot 3 more coats of clear and whamo! It shines like the rest of the truck with little or no color
difference that I can tell. I am ecstatic with it. I will be giving it a compound, glaze and hand wax in a
couple of weeks  
I am going to air brush a design on in the near future ,I am working on it in photoshop.