This is the most recent project. A 2000 Dodge
Ram Sport 1500 2WD with a 2" factory drop
Spindles,Springs & Shackles.I welded in
mounts for a HD front steering stabilizer. I have
welded mounts on the rear axle tubes for a rear
sway bar,I have made custom stainless steel
end link assemblies with energy suspensions
polyurethane bushings for front and rear sway
bars as well as upper & lower control arms and
leaf spring bushings. I installed Monroe
sens-a-trac in the front. The biggest
suspension improvement was the 295-50-20  
Cooper Zeon XTS tires and ADR Titan rims. I
bet if I had a G-force meter I'd be pulling some
serious numbers around the jug handles, In
fact  I have passed many cars 2x - 3x lighter
than I  on the sharp 2 lane turns.
I had my doubts about 295's fitting in the front without
hitting. It had 265/65/16 on there and that was quite a
jump in the width of the tires in the front. I made a
cardboard mock up and it cleared, but it took a big
risk, I still had my doubts the actual tire mounted  
would not hit on turns and pot holes. I ordered them
from a online tire seller  and it
would have cost $60.00 to ship them back if they were
wrong and another $60.00 to reship new sizes. When
these wear out I think I'll be going to Cooper
315-45-20 all around.
The  2000 Dodge Ram Sport 1500 @ 330 HP

Soon to be @ 400 + HP
I install this remote oil filter and a Maxi-cool oil cooler. I ran
the SS Braided lines Inside the frame to the oil inlet/outlet
on the motor
Click on Picture to see all the details
Click the picture to see more of the custom weld-in
rear sway bar project
Click on picture to see more of the stage 2
transmission modification
Click on the picture to see the under-drive pulley set
Click on the picture to see more, This is
the first part I ever powder coated .It came out
incredible, I can believe the finish is flawless.
Click on Picture to see the Intake manifold pan