My 1978 Pontiac Firebird Formula
This is a picture of the car
the day before I bought it.
It was a real beauty.
I was hit in the drivers front
fender not long after I bought
the car and had to replace the
nose , fender , Hood, Inner
fender and pull out the frame at
my friends body shop. My
wife(girlfriend at the time ) and I
stripped the entire car to bare
metal. My wife fought a fierce
battle with the local junkyard
after quoting $ 25.00 without
even looking at them. This was
the  5 piece set that came on the
TA, it had the front lower spoiler
and the left & right flares that go
in front of the rear tires. That set
was mint and well worth $500.00
or more. Needless to say she
won the fight and they gave it to
us for $25.00.
I notched the rear frame after
welding frame connector. I put
295-50-15 on centerline rims
in the back and 265-60-15 up
front. I replaced the stock  
355's with 373s'. The car used
up many 350 turbo trannys,
One 400 turbo so I put in a
Rock crusher 4sp before I
gave it up for charity . It went
to a high school auto shop
class project car for the kids.  
This is the last motor the car
saw. I built this LT1 stroker
383 4bolt. It took me weeks to
polish the Intake, Heads and
Yes! The Aluminum block.
This motor was one of the
fastest I ever built.  I worked
the machining fees off at
night helping out in the
machine shop after my day
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