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Welcome to my website,

I built this site as a autobiography, a small insight into my hobbies, interests, projects
and skills. I make most of my best creations right in my home shop.  I have been a  
Maintenance Machinist for over 25 years now working for many industrial giants
like  Delphi/(GM) General Motors, (IFF) International Fragrance & Flavors, SS
White Technologies, Firestone  I have invented things that make my life easier or for
enjoyment and  some in my field of work that help others complete there crucial
deadlines an increase production. An example, I made a working prototype for a
engineer from a design that would have never worked. I explained how it would not
work and made the changes to simplify and perform as it was designed without error.

That project is now on the phoenix lander 35 million miles from earth on mars
it has
collected samples of soil to analyze and sends data back to earth for study. I have
many more stories and projects that will be added to this site in time.

Jack of all trades, Master of a few
Last Update on 6/3/17
Supercharged Mopar 318 Magnum
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Tig Welding
All design, fabrication, machining, etc.  On this site is done exclusively by me, Rob Coberg, unless otherwise stated.
My 75 Gallon Reef Tank 2016
Projects cost big $, make a donation to
help me speed thing along.
Whats New

I was doing good for awhile till I crushed a nerve which disabled my left arm. I was able to curl and do heavy seated row at first with
no pain. My squat and Deadlift suffered a loss but, no as bad as my bench press. I had to start back with the bar for my work sets. I
couldn't even press a 20 lbs dumbbell. Since that time, my squat and deadlift have gotten back to where I was. I have been curling 3 X
a week so my arms got bigger and stronger. My bench is coming back but, so slow. I'm up to 185 5 X 5.  I got 75 lbs Dumbbells 5 X 5
last week. I  pin pointed my left tricep as the weakest link and I am focusing extra effort to get it back. Meanwhile My legs are stronger
from all the attention. I set a 1030lbs leg press PR, last night I set a reverse band squat pr with 565 lbs. I rack pulled 545 Lbs for 3 reps.

I have made some new workout videos and posted them up on Youtube  at

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Since:  June 2009
950 Lbs Leg Press 11/2016
468 Lbs. Deadlift  9/2016
welcome to

     Mad Dogs Garage Gym
Broke the 1000Lbs barrier May 2017
1030 Lbs
New Reverse band Squat 6/2017
565 Lbs